5 Tips to Keep Your Startup Going

You’ve probably seen these scrappy startup companies popping up all over the place lately. From blogs to tech companies, people are finding that if an established business can’t find the time to hire them, they’ll find the time to establish a business.

The trick for many, however, is making the transition from “scrappy” and “startup” to “established” and “growing.” Here are some tips to help you get from point A to point B.

1. Love What You Do

Passion is key. If you didn’t like building cabinets, then you’re less likely to see your carpentry business through.

2. Know Your Target Demographic 

While loving what you do is important, a successful and profitable business is predicated on other people loving it, too.

3. Absolutely Everything is in a Name

When working from a shoestring budget, as many startups are, a name that explains what your business does is the cheapest and easiest form of marketing.

4. Build Your Business Plan Beyond the Starting Blocks

The thrill of initial success has often been soured by the inability to make the next step. Have an idea of where you want your enterprise to go once you start to gain traction.

5. Know How to Speak Investors Language

If you get to the point of speaking to angel investors or venture capitalists, they can be a god send–as long as you can communicate the upside of your startup to those that control the purse strings.