Simulated Newsroom Instructions

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. I will put this material on the class site as a post along with the full project description.

THE ASSIGNMENT: You will gather multimedia material  for the live coverage project: Each student gathers minimum of four raw multimedia clips (video or audio/stills) from his/her CD using smartphone, and asking a main question as well as related questions, two survey  questions and bio data.  ALL QUESTION MUST BE ANSWERED. The best two clips will be previewed during the week 13 class session, and top clip then produced into 60 second multimedia package for the site. If the end product is going to be 60 seconds long, be realistic — and at the same time economical about the length of your raw interview.

THE MAIN QUESTION: HOW WILL THE ECONOMY AFFECT YOUR HOLIDAY PLANS? Be prepared to ask follow-up questions to elicit compelling and specific responses.

SURVEY & WORD CLOUD: Students should conclude each interview with two additional questions:

  • SURVEY QUESTION: When it comes to spending on gifts for the holidays this year compared to last, are you planning on spending a) more b) the same c) less
  • WORDCLOUD QUESTION (a question designed to solicit a word or short phrase for a “wordcloud” graphic): What would you most like for the holidays, in a word?

BIO DATA QUESTIONS These questions will appear in a rollover data box:

  1. Full name
  2. Age
    1. NB: Ages to later be grouped for filtering into following:
      1. 18-34
      2. 35-54
      3. 55-64
      4. 65 or older
  3. Gender
  4. Borough, and zip code (to be used later to determine what CD the person lives).
    1. NOTE: Subject must live within one of the five borough’s 59 Community Districts.
  5. Employment status (retired, PT, FT & unemployed)
  6. Occupation
  7. Health insurance – yes or no?

DEADLINE FOR COLLECTING RAW MATERIAL: 1) Thursday 12/1,  11:59 p.m. – Bulletted list of four or more clips (including subject name, age, borough and sentence on editorial and technical strength of interview material). List should highlight the top two clips. 2) Start of class Week 13 – All raw multimedia material and data from interviews for final in-class production. BRING RAW MATERIAL TO CLASS .

IMPORTANT — Please note:

  • For your multimedia clips you have a choice of gathering video or audio and stills. Tight frontal headshots are required on all visuals. Good audio quality is a must.
  • You are required to use a smartphone to gather this material (do not “upgrade” to higher end video cameras and audio recorders. We don’t have enough to serve  both Interactive and broadcast courses). A key point of the assignment is to see that you can create usable quality newsgathering with your smartphone. NOTE: Those students who do not have smartphones can check out Flipcams to gather video. I’ll post separately on the transcoder necessary to convert the footage for FinalCut editing.
  • Use a tripod or equivalent – the equipment room has many “pistol grip” smartphone holders that can be used to stabilize your shots, especially if you use them in conjunction with a tripod.
  • Be prepared to ask multiple questions – the main interview question, the two survey questions, the biodata questions. Be sure to print out a list of those questions and carry it with you on your interviews. Entries missing material may not be usable in any form on the site.
  • Interviewees must be New York City residents 18 or over and from your CD.
  • All production takes place in the classroom on Thursday. Do not produce material ahead of time.