Unemployment Continues to Plague Americans

At this point in the recession, we all know someone who has struggled to find a job. Many of the unemployed have struggled for months or even years, constantly submitting applications and constantly facing subsequent rejection. It’s a economic trend that shows no signs of stopping, and it’s something for everyone to consider, regardless of whether or not you’re working.

The portrait of the unemployed is multifaceted, with a wide variety of affected demographics. Few areas, if any, remain unscathed. The New York Times recently profiled members of what is referred to as “Generation Limbo.” Recent college graduates, even those with Ivy League degrees, have faced significant difficulty in pursuing careers in their intended fields. For those lacking in choices, any job has become the right job to have.

It’s been reported that men’s previously flagging employment numbers are up, but that doesn’t seem to mean much when overall unemployment rates have remained at the same pace. Indeed, a recent report showed that 9.1% of the population is still jobless, with as many jobs being created as have been lost. That number is only expected to rise.

The outlook is still grim, and frustrations continue to run high. On Thursday, President Barack Obama is to address Congress regarding the job market, which will reinvigorate the ongoing conversation.