Journalism Jobs And Classes Of 2011/ 2012 Plans

By Orlando Rodriguez

Although the market for journalism jobs within long-standing platforms, such as traditional print, may be shrinking, the emergence of new technology in the past two years is beginning to brighten up a once gloomy forecast. Consumer items like the Nook, Kindle and IPad are giving new life to the publishing industry, without all of the overhead. These technologies may put your corner newspaper hawker out of business, but not the content creators, editors, graphic artists an aspiring publishers. Actually because of the ease that a blogger can now bring his product to market, there now exist other income producing avenues for the journalist beyond the traditional write for a paycheck model.

This emerging diversity creates more choices for the individual J-School student. Some J-School students may crave the security of a weekly check under florescent lights, while others want to sweat out freelancing in the summer sunshine.

Since the classes of 2011 and 2012 have so many individual goals and paths, we’ve created this little survey to get an idea of how divergent the paths are of our CUNY J-School students really are.

The survey is below.