Job Satisfaction: Are you Thankful?

It isn’t just the the Holiday season that is prompting people to give thanks, the job market is helping out as well.

With so many people either unemployed or underemployed, the phrase “be thankful you even have a job” has almost become cliché.

As it turns out, of the 23 people that responded to a survey, most are satisfied with their current employment.

A correlation can be drawn between education and job satisfaction, with nearly 70% having received some form of college degree.

Even when prodded with the hypothetical carrot of winning the lottery, a surprising number (43%) confessed that they would still show up to work the next day and none claimed to the “No Call; No Show” that we all seem to talk about every Monday at the water cooler.

The option to insert one’s own lottery dream, however, yielded varying levels of responsibility: