Diary Post: CUNY J-School Class of 2011 & 2012 Post Graduation Plans.

By Orlando Rodriguez

The purpose of this survey was to get a quantitative picture of the career paths 1st semester and graduating CUNY J-School students see for themselves. The survey also attempts to get an idea of the prevailing viewpoints on how students feel the CUNY curriculum prepared them for employment. In addition, I attempted to gauge the level of job market optimism among members of both classes.

With the popularity of the I-Pad2, as well as the Nook and the Kindle Fire, the demand for subscription based news media has increased. The survey, tries to see if the upswing in paid consumer demand has had an placebo effect on journalism students.

My primary vehicle for survey promotion was via the schools e-mail system, as this was a targeted survey aimed at students specifically from CUNY J-School. However I did also post a link on Facebook, to reach the network on friends from the class of 2011. Participation, initially, was slow, but a second e-mail blast and Facebook post yielded solid participatory results, which are still ongoing. I will post the final numbers at the end of the weekend in order to post metrics that are reflective of the maximum amount of participation.