Diary Post: Workplace Romance Survey

When creating this survey, I wanted to choose a topic that most people would be interested in. Since I knew a fair amount of people who had dated their co-workers I thought creating a survey that asked participants what was the result of the dating would be interesting.

I found that when making up the questions, having some that were open ended were the best way to get good full-fledged responses. The participants were very open and talked about their experiences with dating people that they have worked with while also disclosing some funny and intimate anecdotes. Even though my survey had more questions than other people’s survey in the class, I think it worked. The participants were very willing to answer all questions and didn’t leave any blank, which I found to be very encouraging. They also forwarded the survey to other friends and colleagues which allowed me to get a good range of people.

I ended up with 60 people who took the survey. The results surprised me because I thought there would be more people who dated a co-worker than not. But the results showed there was pretty much an even amount with most people admitting nothing happened after the dating and that it was awkward once they broke up.

Conducting this survey was really fun for me because I got to read people’s responses about how they handled being around a co-worker that they dated and how they dealt with the awkwardness that came afterwards.

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