Joe Vaupotic, Occupy Wall Street Guitarist

Joe Vaupotic, 22, sits on the ground with his legs crossed and a guitar in his lap in Zuccotti Park.  Next to him is his guitar case with a sign inside that states: “Been here since day one, need $ $ $ to go home.  Much love!”

This is how Vaupotic spends most of his time, playing melodies from his guitar that’s missing a few strings. Passersby sympathetically drop money into his guitar case.  Yet this image has made Vaupotic want to leave the Occupy Wall Street movement.  “I don’t want to reinforce any hippie stereotypes,” Vaupotic said.

Vaupotic, who is originally from New Jersey, has been at the park since the Occupy Wall Street movement began on September 13.  The 99 percent continues to gain strength, sparking other Occupy Wall Street movements in cities like Orlando, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

At first, Vaupotic was enamored by the cause against corporate greed that brought thousands of protestors to the park.  After a month of camping out and playing his guitar, he now realizes that perhaps its time to get back to his own reality.  His ambition is to one day create melodies with his guitar so that other people can write lyrics to them.  Right now his next sept is to get a job and move to Rochester. NY.


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  1. Haha yeah Joe! I was going to interview this dude for my own site but things got muddled up. Keep playing man and hope to see you back out there once we have our shit together.

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