Diary Post: The Survey

When I crafted my survey, I really was hoping to get at one critical point: Are you happy with you current job.

My reasoning behind this was simple. In the current economic state, it has basically become cliché to hear the term “just be thankful that you even have a job,” or “hey, at least I’m employed.”

Before coming back to school I was guilty of uttering these exact phrases as well. As it turned out in my case, “just having a job” wasn’t enough to keep me slinging payroll and HR services to small businesses everyday.

I crafted my survey with job satisfaction in mind and had a few questions that would hopefully diagnose some of the reasons. This was why I included the experiential/educational levels question. It’s also why I half jokingly included a question about if you would go to work the day after winning the lottery.

In order to get the survey out, I posted the link to the google doc to my Facebook page–the more professional journalist page and not my personal one. Within a week it generated 13 responses. Since then, however, returns have fizzled.

It is my intent to repost, this time to my personal page in hopes of getting more results. I also plan on posting it to my twitter account as well and hope to enlist those that follow me to re-tweet the link.

It is my hope that in doing so, I’ll be able to pull some more quality quotes as well as have a base of results that may show me some information in greater detail before we produce them for the blog.