Brooklyn’s Sarah Booz Surrounded By Booze In Her Four Jobs

Sarah Booz works around a lot of alcohol.

When she’s not slinging drinks at one of her two bartending jobs, she’s either hosting a weekly karaoke night at a popular bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn or selling rice balls till three in the morning.

But don’t pronounce her name ‘booze.’

Sarah Booz | On Her Name by Chester Soria

Booz, 27, can’t drink coffee; she said it makes her sick. She added that she’s never even taken hard drugs before. Somehow, despite the lack of artificial stimulation, she doesn’t stop moving.

Every Thursday, she goes from opening up a Greenwich Village bar to hostessing karaoke for a local Brooklyn franchise. She said that shifting between the two jobs between hours of each other isn’t all that bad.

Sarah Booz | On Karaoke and Bartending by Chester Soria

In fact, Booz says that not only is she okay with having two work her four jobs, but that she’s happier than she’s ever been before. But working service jobs isn’t an ideal circumstance if she were looking for stability.

Soria Booz | On the Pros and Cons of Four Jobs by Chester Soria

Despite the hardship, Booz says she wouldn’t have it any other way. At least for now.

Hear Booz scan through for her karaoke selections from her list.

Sarah Booz | Ambient Noise by Chester Soria

Soria Booz | Original Ambient Noise by Chester Soria

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