The Uncommon Life of a Tattoo Artist

Few artists face the pressure than those that operate in permanent ink and skin.

In this medium, there are no erasers and no re-do’s. The best you can hope for is a way to cover it up.

Diego (who does not go by a last name–ask anyone in the area) got into the tattoo scene at Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls over ten years ago. Since then, he’s developed a reputation for not having to cover up very much.

As time has gone on, Diego’s thoughts on what tattoo artists should or should not do have changed. What used to be a philosophy of “Ink anything, anywhere” has evolved into a stricter moral standard.

Even with the changes as tattoo artistry has become more mainstream, Diego still loves the art he gets to create and the friends he makes along the way.


Diego 1 by jjenkin

Diego talks about how he got into the tattoo business

Diego 2 by jjenkin

Diego talks about the tattoos that he refuses to do

Diego 3 by jjenkin

Diego talks about the unexpected friendships from the business

Diego ambi by jjenkin