Sharice White, Retro Bar and Grill Bartender

Local businessman Neal Curtis is the owner of the Retro Bar and Grill in Freeport, NY.  Though his business has been affected by the faltering economy, he still tries to give back by being an employer of young adults in need of a job.  Sharice White, one of his recent employees, is a bar tender.

On Thursday nights she can be found behind the bar leaning against the cash register with her arms folded across her chest.  She has adopted this relaxed pose because the place isn’t usually teeming with customers.

“I’m not sure if it even will be crowded later.  Last Thursday there were more people here,” White said.

White is a 25-year-old graduate student at Adelphi University.  Though Curtis provides her with a source of income, her work hours at Retro are never certain.

“The schedule here is so weird, I’m not even gonna say anything about it!” White said.

Still White is aware of her need for some type of employment, no matter how unpredictable it is for the time being.

“I intern during the day so I can’t work then,” White said, who is studying to become a social worker.  “I’m in school, which is why I’m here.”

A couple of hours had to be spent with Sharice to capture her drink making process due to a lack of customers buying drinks.