Photo Essay Pitch: General Assembly

I’d like to do a photo essay (8-10 images) which zooms in on one aspect of #OccupyWallStreet: the decision-making forum that guides the protest’s course, the nightly 7pm General Assembly.

Images of all kinds, of course, are pouring out of Zuccotti Square, but none I’ve seen give an artful treatment of the General Assembly. My approach would be a process piece, so viewers could get a sense of the meeting’s planning, logistical setup, the speakers, and the audience. The middle of the essay would likely include portraits of 3-4 speakers. The lighting, as dusk falls over the encampment, should be helpful in producing visual interest.

The news interest is clear, as interest and participation in the protest has continued to grow over the past days. Access is straightforward, as the Assembly is public and media are welcomed.