Top 5 Unlikely Places to Look for a Job in NYC

You’re broke. You’re bored. You surf the internet endlessly looking for that miracle job that nobody else found.  Most likely, that’s how you ended up here.

When it comes to making ends meet, most folks aren’t willing to cobble together piecemeal work and scramble for nickels.  But if you are, here are some (legal) methods you might not have considered.

1) Craigslist Free Section

We’ve all been there.  The Craigslist free section is full of random crap that occasionally has some real value.  That baby stroller with the busted wheel?  Fix it cheap and that’s a cool 50 bucks in your pocket.  Think about it.

2) IKEA Lot Hustler

It seems like everybody should be able to put it together right? WRONG. Old ladies and college students across America are confounded by those obnoxious illustrations every day. Head on over to Red Hook, bring your hex key, and kindly approach patrons in the parking lot with a big smile.  You will be surprised.

3) Art School Nude Model

No six-pack abs? No problem. Get yourself a robe, a pair of sandals, and a bottle of water. Done. Call the schools at the link above and you will definitely have a job before you finish this list.

4) Man With A… Zipcar?

It is easy math.  A Zipcar truck is about $14/hour, depending on the day. The going rate for a Man with a Van is about $40/hour.  Hit the traffic right, work quickly, and you might be on to something.

5) The Wandering Handyman

Go for a walk around your neighborhood.  Do you notice all those rusty fences, peeling paint jobs and leaf-filled rain gutters?  Those are dollar signs, my friend. Laundromats always need their filters emptied. Get creative.  There’s cash around every corner.