5 Recession-Proof Jobs, Careers and Degree Programs

With people fearing they will lose their jobs in this unstable economy, here are some professions that will continue to be in demand:

1. Education

Our population is always growing, and schools are always tasked with the challenge of keeping up. Of course, with that comes an ever-growing demand for teachers to fill those positions.

If you are new to the teaching field, your best bet for getting started is a credential, best obtained with a Bachelor degree in teaching education.

2. Health Care

There are many paths to get started in the field of health care, and all of them open up a world of opportunities. One way is to get your nursing assistant certificate, start out in the trenches, and work your way up.

3. Law Enforcement

The good thing about police academy is that you only need a high school diploma to enter, but a little extra certainly never hurt: picking up a degree in legal studies.

4. Information Technology

Being so specialized, some sort of education in the field is absolutely mandatory. A very lucky few excel with self-taught computer skills, but the vast majority will find at least a bachelors degree helpful.

5. Energy

The state of the environment is one of the world’s biggest concerns these days, and one of the most pressing issues is the energy crisis.

Among the best for such a career is one of many available engineering degrees, be it civil or mechanical or industrial. A degree like this can give you the skills you need to help design a better solar panel, windmill, or whatever else you might dream up with your future team of energy experts to help develop a brighter future.

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